Wednesday, September 4, 2013


As Technical Coordinator in the last 20 years or so, together with
several former players, we co-drafted and implemented the way
football(soccer) should be played. With our Strategic Plan for all
Young Footballers  enhancing skills  for Quality’, instead of tossing
the ball in the air,
 Responsible for the operational delivery of the football- soccer Club
Tournaments and academy programs. This includes over 75 full time
players and several season camp participants contributing to raise
revenues for the Club surviving this hard area. Serving as primary
business development executive for the football-soccer program
including team business, sponsorships and other partnerships, that we
can possibly obtain from a third party
We have produced a succession of Pro- players and also those that have
played in the International ranks. Yes,   but not financially,...and
due to the cost of maintaining the daily operations, had to leave
(temporary) till I find a Sponsor or/and Investor.
And get the Club -in less the five years-, PLAYING the South American
Clubs  CUP!!
I Have to come back to USA,  trying to find that SAVIOR!
The Club its in good hands, already in the top of the Tournament,
expecting to reach the next level, -ascend to second division-. My
young Coach is doing a superb job, with almost no input ($)  from
 Him too, hoping that another Club, with better  resources, sign a
lucrative contract!!
And like Diane Nyad NEVER GIVE UP!!

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