Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Style still WORKS!!!

Just in case you haven't been keeping track; I would like to send everyone an update.
 I have been working helping coach's, club owner's and general managers. 
What I do is change the way a team is playing.  I can do this in just a couple of games.
 A couple of years ago, Nelson Rodriguez (MLS- VP) the at the time director of the NY Metrostars told me that what I did with   was incredible.  I am sure he would be happy to know that I have just returned from helping a team in one of the five top countries in the world, at least according to FIFA and in just one month the team went from loosing 7 games and winning only one to winning three out of five!!
  In fact this is just the first round in a tournament of two rounds with the opportunity to potentially advance and play the LIbertors Cup and/or the World Interclub Cup. 
  But as always reality intrudes, the reality of money.  The reality is that to be able to play and win at the next level we need money because at that level the players need to sign contracts which are regulated by FIFA rules.
 We have the opportunity to create one of hte best football academies, educating and producing players that will be recruited worldwide.  We offer real competition and our country has been recognized as a power house in the sport by FIFA but we need your help.  Are you interested?  How much can you contribute?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Modern?? Result???

If I keep repeating the same thing over and over, it's no my fault! - I think??!!-Look the comments after a game. played for a really Professional country selection team, against a Country really "AMATEUR" team!!
("Fortunately for the Canucks, they do have seven months to get things sorted and, as Hart noted, there hasn’t been a shortage of chances, someone just needs to step up.“All you can do is create the chances. It’s not like we didn’t create the chances,” Hart said. “We had some very good chances and we didn’t score, so it’s always going to be our problem. It’s not like there’s a striker out there that’s playing that we don’t have.”)
The "CHANCES" they are talking about, were a million "crosses" they sent to the box -I keep calling (just long balls)-, HOPING somebody head would direct the ball to the net, don't care what jersey the header wear it!! JUST PURE LUCK!! No luck, no goals, either team!!!! Blame at the "STRIKER", NOOO!!! blame a the game PLAN!! (GAME PLAN???) what it's THAT??? Came back to the same!!!TODAY WIN THE ONE IT'S LUCKY!! Or went to the witch Doctor!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

An old good MEMORIES

My old BUDDY wrote this about me!!
Like I SAID, just good ald MEMORIES
What Americans call soccer, the rest of the world calls football. What we call football, my good friend Walter Rasso will quickly point out, involves an oblong object that hardly resembles a ball, and is more dependent on hands than it is feet. Walter eats, sleeps and breathes futbol. He spends a lot of his time emailing professional soccer coaches and GMs, pointing out to them mistakes their teams are making and suggesting changes that he feels will be beneficial. For the most part, they do not listen. That's their loss. Walter has a wealth of experience and he's willing to share. He endorces a style that's dependent on short, quick passes and abhors the long easy-to-defend ping-pong-like exchanges so prevalent today. If you are interested in turning your team around, Walter is available for coaching and consulting. Just leave a comment or email him directly and he'll get back to you.

(I write this introduction to my friend Walter Rasso's blog as a friend of more than 30 years. ~ Ace Toscano)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Being nagging about the way the game it's being played, didn't help a bit!!, still, nobody notice me!

Trying to get a Club with hopes of better themselves, fails again, because, not owners, presidents, or the ones in charge, have the guts, to do the change!!!

The old players, turned coaches, the SAME!!!

If I say, that I feel like a grumpy old man, will you believe me?, YES I DO!!! And I don't like it!!

That is the major reason, I'm going without posting nothing for long periods of time!!

Plus, WHAT CAN I SAY??? The game still played equal horrible then when I posted on the others comments, -today-, I'll just copy some of the old posts, and you'll see, IT'S THE SAME!!! way of play, NO TACTICS, Just close the eyes and kick the ball the farther you can!! Retreat, come back, don't attack with more then couple forwards -even if you are one goal down- nobody knows that is the same thing, lose for one goal, then for two!!!

For that reason - WHAT CAN I SAY???

But, I don't lose my enthusiasm that someday, somehow, somewhere, somebody with the resources, will want to do what I'm preaching for long time!! and with my knowledge, the contacts, and the main thing -GUTS- and in a couple of years being the Real Champions!!!


I do not comment game by game,I'm not a commentaries professional, just trying to help the beautiful game to come back to what is suppose to be!! (see post LAST WARRIOR)and if we win, but, played terrible, I'm not CONTENT!

But, what I'm saying for long time, IF one Country try to play good ball movements, and not going try to confuse the referees with that acts of been victimized, or, abusing the faults, IF JUST PLAY BALL would WIN!!

It's Clear (for me), that the player has to CREATE, if you are outside the 18 yards box, YOU have to create, face the defender, try your best footwork, pass him/her, and, you'll find out, that the goalie did his/her job, and close your shooting angle, -again- use YOUR BRAINS, fake, footwork AGAIN!! and put the ball nice and smooth, into the goal!! Easy?? It sounds, easy, that is the way is suppose to be!

Just a few MEMORIES of my posted thoughts, like I keep telling " Hope for the best".

Wednesday, June 15, 2011



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