Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Style still WORKS!!!

Just in case you haven't been keeping track; I would like to send everyone an update.
 I have been working helping coach's, club owner's and general managers. 
What I do is change the way a team is playing.  I can do this in just a couple of games.
 A couple of years ago, Nelson Rodriguez (MLS- VP) the at the time director of the NY Metrostars told me that what I did with   was incredible.  I am sure he would be happy to know that I have just returned from helping a team in one of the five top countries in the world, at least according to FIFA and in just one month the team went from loosing 7 games and winning only one to winning three out of five!!
  In fact this is just the first round in a tournament of two rounds with the opportunity to potentially advance and play the LIbertors Cup and/or the World Interclub Cup. 
  But as always reality intrudes, the reality of money.  The reality is that to be able to play and win at the next level we need money because at that level the players need to sign contracts which are regulated by FIFA rules.
 We have the opportunity to create one of hte best football academies, educating and producing players that will be recruited worldwide.  We offer real competition and our country has been recognized as a power house in the sport by FIFA but we need your help.  Are you interested?  How much can you contribute?

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