Thursday, December 9, 2010


Now, back again in USA, back at home, after a helpful run with the Club in South America.
Helpful because I can see with my own eyes what is going on around the globe, and I can taste it myself, nobody have to tell me what is wrong or right!!

Yes, now I can swear, that it's not easy what I try to accomplish, it's very hard try to take out the way are playing in the last 10 - 15 years, tossing the ball in the air, claiming fault, when nobody even touch them and crying loud a nonexistent pain, yelling at the referee, give him/her a yellow card!!!, celebrating a lousy goal, like if was at the end of a World Cup Final game!

Talking with a coach friend, we see the same problems, but, in our division we got a good excuse, the guys have to work, or, some are students, they don't have time for practices, not even think to start talking about strategies or plans, NO TIME AT ALL!!. plus that non existence of playgrounds (See my past post -Campito...-), the kids today have not the individuals skills needed to be a different player!!, they learn in schools - Academies, that are teaching the kids, and throwing the ball with the hands, is very easy to the guys to kick the ball, not thinking, that in the game, NOBODY WILL THROW THE BALL NICE AND EASY, WITH THE HAND!!

The main reason is the poor financial resources of the Club where the money is almost not existent, But what we can't figure out, is with the Clubs with good money situation, WHY... Why they still playing this anti-football (Soccer) style, with the only strategy, throw the ball in the box, and pray and/or hope for good luck!!

Since 1984, with a group of experienced people, we are trying to enhance the way of playing the "beautiful" game. Now going Global, with a partnership with Clubs in South America and Europe!
born the first Academy -"Boot Camp" Style-, (as usually is done for Gymnastics) for youngsters with wishes to better themselves the way are playing right now!. This way, we hope to raise money, to keep playing the tournament, keeping many kids out of the way of drugs and bad habits!!

We are in a country that is well known for having a high % in Pro-players around the World, in the best leagues, have at least one player in between the five best.

What we started in 1984, today are several people doing it, Are playing players from Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, and, a select team from Indonesia competing in U-19 Tournament, to gain experience for next World Cup!!

We'll provide; Pro-Coaches with high skills in formative, Trainers, Hotel, transportation, Care, everything related, and, the best, COMPETITION!! in a league PROVEN Worldwide!! Fourth in FIFA's last tournament!!

Until we don't find a sponsor, the player will have to pay for the training, as is occurring right now, the players have to pitch in a lot, but, if a Club is interested, these Club will have to pay back for the formation of the player!, and you'll get your money back!!

I could do this in USA, but, the COMPETITION, it's not the same!!! and much, much expensive!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

One step FORWARD!

YES, again in the saddle, September 25th I'll be in South America, trying a second club, for the third year, always improving.

The first Club (that I was in) is in Second Div. A They won this year Championship, I did not do much at all, but the new Sponsorship, did a tremendous job, and they are only one year away to intervene in one of the best World Tournaments -The liberators Cup-

Like I'm keep telling to the ones that are paying attention to me, IF YOU INVEST, or PARTNERSHIP, you would not be SORRY!!

The main reason of the success in this projects, is, I insist, the ball have to be played the right WAY, the ONLY WAY, well played, ALL TIME, not exceptions!! And clear tactics, system! No just hoping for the Lady Luck, come and help you!!

My work is being help tremendously for a couple of young gentleman, that are doing a tremendous job, putting the Club together, and coaching to the debut game, with a impressive VICTORY, yes the real first game in the Uruguayan Association of Football!! Fourth position in the WORLD CUP!!
For that reason, you'll see me pretty soon back in the USA, pestering all the Professionals Clubs, trying to attract Sponsors, or, some kind of Partnership into that particular Club, because without HELP, we can't go to the next level!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Never fails after the game it's over, always think. I'll never see other game so bad!!, Then come the next game, WORSE, Believe or not!!

If this WORLD CUP, it's not the worse ever!!, may be the next one!!

I wait several days to write something, after that disastrous tournament, I was so disappointed that I can't explain with words, -and I had an idea!!-, the way it would be played the game!! I wrote before the tournament started (see OTRO MUNDIAL) last post.

I did some comments in a post in Facebook, -too quick after the final game-,but I was getting sick of my stomach, reading the posted for some of my friends, they were so happy and content, the way Uruguay played the tournament, that I could not tolerated no more, and write something like Shut up!! Just PURE LUCK!! No because we played fantastic, or have a game plan other the defend and toss the ball the higher you CAN!!
One "friend" said something like I'm a perfectionist, NO!! It's that I still remembering from one game to the other, and my memories of the games was sadly, been with our backs on our own goal, and if the ball did not goes in, it was JUST PURE LUCK, plus the other were very lousiest too, that helped in the result

I do not comment game by game,I'm not a commentaries professional, just trying to help the beautiful game to came back to what is suppose to be!! (see post LAST WARRIOR)and if we win, but, played terrible, I'm not CONTENT!

But, what I'm saying for long time, IF one Country try to play good ball movements, and not going try to confuse the referees with that acts of been victimized, or, abusing the faults, IF JUST PLAY BALL would WIN!!

Again to my "friend" that is why I was so disappointed, even getting a fourth position in a WORLD CUP should be enough to be happy, but not, we have players that could be playing a lot better, HOW ONE FORWARD, CAN BE UNDER HIS OWN POST defending, -and avoiding a goal- and run to the other side of the field TO TRY TO MAKE A GOAL. Anybody that played the game knows, that is impossible to perform correctly, yours brains and legs quit on you!! That is the reason I bitchy at the COACH!! PLAYERS WE HAVE!!
Talking about luck, The coach is being confirmed, also with the minors players!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This time is in Spanish (Otro Mundial) use your translate and read it!!

Go to; or click at mi manera)

Thank You!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The last warrior, seeking to better the game!!

Getting tired of trying to reach a club or person that agreed to better the game, and, just coming back from South America where was not a bad experience, but not great either. At least I brought good luck to the club, got a new sponsor for the next and final round (Clausura) where we are just 90 minutes away to ascend to the next level, even losing all the games, for being the Champions of the first round (Apertura), have to play one more game, a final between the Apertura Champion and the Clausura Champion, the winner will ascend to Second Division B, just 2 years away to play the Liberators Cup, the South American main event!! and the winner, go to play the real World Cup, against the European Champion! Plus the South American Inter Clubs Championship, and WORLD INTER CLUBS CHAMPIONSHIP!

The positive side of all of this, is what some of the players told me "At least, we do not ABUSE the long balls", because if you fallow my posts, you'll know that is not what I preach, and the coaches forget as soon as I'm leaving the field, and that fear to do not lose, (erroneous), back to DEFEND, and forget how to attack!!. They say YES, YES! two minutes later,forgotten! (FEAR!!)
And yes, I'll be busy again, because this is a league, and a territory with many good players easy to be in the main tournaments, many investors are joining clubs, hoping to be in the winning side, and show its own players in a strong league with a good market to get them to Europe and all the strong countries that are looking for good players, this is a league, that has more professionals players playing around the globe, than any other league, -talking in average for the inhabitants in the country-, I was asked to join the I. A. Potencia, ( ) a club of only 9 years of life, but with a group of young people willing to give all the effort possible for the good of the club and the community and the young talents that the only future may be to play the game!!....They are too, -crossing their fingers-, see if I'll bring luck (knowledge), and find the right person and/or club with better resources and a will, better then mine!

I can't say what accomplish, if was any, I'm not one to toot my own horn, just wait to see if somebody says anything, knowing that my players and directors of the club, speak another language, but today with the "Google translate" could say something, still hoping to generate some comments in this blog.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Thanks to Anonymous, that left his/her comments, inspired me, THANKS AGAIN!!. Because, like I said, if I do not generated comments, WHY keep the hopes of some day, somebody, would listen to my cries, and try to do the something for the BEAUTIFUL GAME!! As a lone warrior, in a war to beatify the game, sometimes I feel like I losing the battle.

Also, with my broken English, hope do not offend nobody, I think that I should write in the language of the country I'm living, my conscience and streetwise tells me, to respect!!

Coming back to the title, CREATIVITY and/or ORIGINALITY;
it tells all!!, the majority of the players, today, appears to left the coach command (kick, kick away, don't look where!! just kick it!-defend,DEFEEEEND)

It's Clear (for me), that the player has to CREATE, if you are outside the 18 yards box, YOU have to create, face the defender, try your best footwork, pass him/her, and, you'll find out, that the goalie did his/her job, and close your shooting angle, -again- use YOUR BRAINS, fake, footwork AGAIN!! and put the ball nice and smooth, into the goal!! Easy?? It sounds, easy, that is the way is suppose to be!
But not, next game you'll be out of the team, (if you think) or, maybe! the fans would love it, and no coach will go against the fans!! (?)
According to the coach, you should kick it, where you got the ball, 35, 40 yards out of the goal, not thinking, that, from that distance, you'll convert ONLY IF THE GOALIE GET A HEART ATTACK, or SOMETHING!! Most of the times, the ball goes so far out of target, that the other team get a throwing!! instead then a goal sidekick!!

That is ORIGINALITY too, IT'S THE PLAYERS who win or lose GAMES!!!. Let them PLAY, a good coach, has to know where the person's position inside the field is best, and put the parts together, another reason for the numbers on the jersey, the numbers indicate the position the player have to stand on the field.


If I'm watching a game, and ONE attacker against 4 (FOUR) defenders lose the ball, the defender (ONE!!!) close his/her eyes, and kick it the higher that can be done! Not even THINKING they are 3 (THREE) more players (defenders) watching the play! and wisely could be given to one of the three players sitting (birdwatching) doing nothing, without thinking,
that (JUST I GIVE THE BALL AWAY!!) C'mon let they THINK!! let they use the brains!!!- (not the rear end!)- Like a good friend of mine usually said!-
The funny thing out of all of this, is, when a coach choice/pick a player, it's according with his/her skills, if the player has a good domination of the ball, can pass it, in one word is GOOD!! You are in the TEAM!! WHY, I keep asking myself, WHY it's, in the game is COMPLETE DIFFERENT!!

Back to the title, on the long way, it would help the person to live a better life, because so many times in life, we have to CREATE or be ORIGINAL, to pass hard situations, that we'll not have anybody to tell as, what to do!

Some players misinterpret the CREATIVITY, ORIGINALITY, and get out of hand, when they scored a goal, being not very used to scored, when they luckily, convert, they think (I believe) that they are something like GOD!! run all over the field, celebrating, taking the jersey off (getting yellow card) others jumping on top, holding for behind like dogs, dancing. No, that is not respect for others, and the worse thing is, sometimes the other team get insulted, and they respond with several goals more!! The reality is that is ABSURD and FIFA soon or later will do something!! PLEASE SOON!!!