Monday, October 20, 2014

We need a change!!!

Already a month,....little more....since I got a little glad,  reading the new coach saying what the plans are!! .(talking about the last  post)  and nothing happens, the same old thing ,  that I'm talking for years...  not strategy,  always  the same play,  to the side, and boom....  to the box!! IF we get lucky. we'll score!!!
To stop myself to be a nagging  old  man, (I'm saying this for a while) I have to stop blogging,   but first  I'll explain then , what make me to  decide to write again, 
Because I have  a little  chance  to do what  I want to do for years and now I'm talking to somebody that knows  me since the MLS  started!!  (by  phone and mail-regular-) its a 1 % chance, but I take it!!!  Welcome!!
I'll write down  what I'll do,    not just talk, words they are blown in the wind;
One of the first thing I like to change ,  is the numbers in the jersey...   The   #  indicate the position the player its playing!!!  Period .. 
1  to   11,  after that,  the  substitutes!!
From 1   to   11,  each #  will be the position on the field, and  everyone keep  its  place free of trouble!!  that way,  if you are a #9,  you know what you have to do, (talked  before with the player), and remember,  TWO   #s  9,   can't function!!!
The back- line of four,   I did  explain already.  this is killing  fields  of the game...
3 players will be  added   to   recuperate the ball,  and start the attacking game!!
 It's typical see what I'm talking for years!!   You can count 6  players defending 2 guys attacking, and get the goal, 
2  players going for the air ball, inside the small box, (should be an easy ball for the goalkeeper) the 2 guys collapsed in between,
1 of the 2  attackers is free,  the ball just drop by his feet,  he  close the eyes,  and boom!!   goal,  
To make the players more professionals, and respectful to rivals- public.
Yes,  when they make a goal, its ok if  they are  happy,...    but.   all that  celebrations??
  No my man!!  be PROFESSIONAL,   the ONES  that have the right to celebrate    ARE THE FANS!!   that pay YOUR salary!!!   and dancing???   you got the wrong profession....     go to "dance with the stars"
 Sad day!!   what I'm   saying  for years  just happened, in India just  died a player,   converted the goal,  started to celebrate doing summersaults,  broke his neck, dead
 What do we gain,  not tossing  the ball in the air? Playing  the ball smart? 
Not only,  would be back the beautiful game, if not, we'll get less head traumas, less injuries!!  Less complications for the referees,  much easier to  call!!!
All  these changes have to be done, to expect to win a game,not just hoping the  good luck lady  help  us!!!  We'll have  a plan, strategy, respect  to others...
If some owner/director  wants to change, after  a bad  season, contact us, and we'll  talk...... and if you don't want want all these  changes,  I say  step to the side,   and some of my  associates will take  charge!!
And  anybody,  want  any  explanation  of all or some of the  changes,  ASK and I'll be glad to  respond   to  any  questions!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

"we don't have a strategy yet"

Everything in this life,   HAVE  to have a plan, strategy, an  idea of what have to be done!!
  Finally I saw a new coach saying,  like everyone else I did  hear before,  I'll do this and that!!
But this time it catch   my attention  when he said;
 “My first concern is the energy with which we start the game,” the coach explained. “The passes backwards, where we start the game in our own half of the field, that’s not an energy-positive way to start the game, especially when you come off a long game prep getting ready for that first whistle.
  and we need to be more aggressive right at the start
Tactically, says the team has been set up to play in a 4-4-2 and he will continue in that formation for the rest of the season. As for new acquisitions,  said he was happy with the squad he had and wasn’t necessarily looking to add new players".
I'm impressed,  really people start to understand how the game have to be played!!!  Little by little, I'll be happy!!       IF,   I repeat ....  IF  will do it!!! what he says!!
Don't get new players, I wonder if he knows  WHY.....  
A player would not change the way the other are playing,............  Its the STRATEGY,  what it makes the difference!! 
 Still poor judgment, with the 4-4-2 .....   THAT is what is killing the game!!!, (I already said it in another  post)   Its   a  not brain....    situation,  if you have players doing nothing in the back,  waiting  ...  just in case...   and when the ball is bomb away for the other team, instead of trying to get it back,  not, start to  backpedal, until they backs  hit the goalkeeper!!!! And the other team ATTACK,  not for its own virtues,   -for the ineptitude  of the style plan ...  -
 One out 3,   not too bad!!  I'm   a  little  "glad"

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The beautiful game??


Don't make me laugh!!
I don't want to be a pain...  but seeing the way players perform lately, it's why I'm sending my cry all over again, and maybe for the last time!!!.
I have a system, that is not expecting just have "lady luck"  on our side, ......  if you feel intrigued, how my system work, and how can help your organization,   lets talk!! 
Also I've seen how brutally players attack each other, most likely today's game is as a wrestling and runners combination to imitated the game was called the "beautiful game"
I said something a few years ago, in another post... "It's getting out of hand, somebody would be hurt" or, the players will have to use protective gear (like American Football),
Rather than just sitting around hoping all the problems with football (soccer) in the World will change itself.  I'm doing something about it.
Working with Top quality South American professional Football Players/Coaches as a group, with a couple Clubs (South American) in bad economical situations, ready to take an offer for Partnership/Sponsorship where you can be playing in a recognized league around the globe, and give some of your players good International exposure!, plus Pre-season games.

I would like to contact with Presidents, Coaches and Football Directors that  are sick of losing games, and want to give a try to my system!!
- Success obtaining strategic partnerships with leading national organizations, leagues, professional teams or/and sports manufacturers, its my hope!!
And remember, I don't have any licensing to show off, I have a "Doctorate in life experience!",
 I personally, don't, but, somebody in my group, does!

I always thought, that to be a coach, is like be a father/mother.. you don't go to school to learn.............. REALLY??