Monday, September 1, 2014

"we don't have a strategy yet"

Everything in this life,   HAVE  to have a plan, strategy, an  idea of what have to be done!!
  Finally I saw a new coach saying,  like everyone else I did  hear before,  I'll do this and that!!
But this time it catch   my attention  when he said;
 “My first concern is the energy with which we start the game,” the coach explained. “The passes backwards, where we start the game in our own half of the field, that’s not an energy-positive way to start the game, especially when you come off a long game prep getting ready for that first whistle.
  and we need to be more aggressive right at the start
Tactically, says the team has been set up to play in a 4-4-2 and he will continue in that formation for the rest of the season. As for new acquisitions,  said he was happy with the squad he had and wasn’t necessarily looking to add new players".
I'm impressed,  really people start to understand how the game have to be played!!!  Little by little, I'll be happy!!       IF,   I repeat ....  IF  will do it!!! what he says!!
Don't get new players, I wonder if he knows  WHY.....  
A player would not change the way the other are playing,............  Its the STRATEGY,  what it makes the difference!! 
 Still poor judgment, with the 4-4-2 .....   THAT is what is killing the game!!!, (I already said it in another  post)   Its   a  not brain....    situation,  if you have players doing nothing in the back,  waiting  ...  just in case...   and when the ball is bomb away for the other team, instead of trying to get it back,  not, start to  backpedal, until they backs  hit the goalkeeper!!!! And the other team ATTACK,  not for its own virtues,   -for the ineptitude  of the style plan ...  -
 One out 3,   not too bad!!  I'm   a  little  "glad"

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