Monday, September 1, 2014

"we don't have a strategy yet"

Everything in this life,   HAVE  to have a plan, strategy, an  idea of what have to be done!!
  Finally I saw a new coach saying,  like everyone else I did  hear before,  I'll do this and that!!
But this time it catch   my attention  when he said;
 “My first concern is the energy with which we start the game,” the coach explained. “The passes backwards, where we start the game in our own half of the field, that’s not an energy-positive way to start the game, especially when you come off a long game prep getting ready for that first whistle.
  and we need to be more aggressive right at the start
Tactically, says the team has been set up to play in a 4-4-2 and he will continue in that formation for the rest of the season. As for new acquisitions,  said he was happy with the squad he had and wasn’t necessarily looking to add new players".
I'm impressed,  really people start to understand how the game have to be played!!!  Little by little, I'll be happy!!       IF,   I repeat ....  IF  will do it!!! what he says!!
Don't get new players, I wonder if he knows  WHY.....  
A player would not change the way the other are playing,............  Its the STRATEGY,  what it makes the difference!! 
 Still poor judgment, with the 4-4-2 .....   THAT is what is killing the game!!!, (I already said it in another  post)   Its   a  not brain....    situation,  if you have players doing nothing in the back,  waiting  ...  just in case...   and when the ball is bomb away for the other team, instead of trying to get it back,  not, start to  backpedal, until they backs  hit the goalkeeper!!!! And the other team ATTACK,  not for its own virtues,   -for the ineptitude  of the style plan ...  -
 One out 3,   not too bad!!  I'm   a  little  "glad"

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The beautiful game??


Don't make me laugh!!
I don't want to be a pain...  but seeing the way players perform lately, it's why I'm sending my cry all over again, and maybe for the last time!!!.
I have a system, that is not expecting just have "lady luck"  on our side, ......  if you feel intrigued, how my system work, and how can help your organization,   lets talk!! 
Also I've seen how brutally players attack each other, most likely today's game is as a wrestling and runners combination to imitated the game was called the "beautiful game"
I said something a few years ago, in another post... "It's getting out of hand, somebody would be hurt" or, the players will have to use protective gear (like American Football),
Rather than just sitting around hoping all the problems with football (soccer) in the World will change itself.  I'm doing something about it.
Working with Top quality South American professional Football Players/Coaches as a group, with a couple Clubs (South American) in bad economical situations, ready to take an offer for Partnership/Sponsorship where you can be playing in a recognized league around the globe, and give some of your players good International exposure!, plus Pre-season games.

I would like to contact with Presidents, Coaches and Football Directors that  are sick of losing games, and want to give a try to my system!!
- Success obtaining strategic partnerships with leading national organizations, leagues, professional teams or/and sports manufacturers, its my hope!!
And remember, I don't have any licensing to show off, I have a "Doctorate in life experience!",
 I personally, don't, but, somebody in my group, does!

I always thought, that to be a coach, is like be a father/mother.. you don't go to school to learn.............. REALLY?? 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


As Technical Coordinator in the last 20 years or so, together with
several former players, we co-drafted and implemented the way
football(soccer) should be played. With our Strategic Plan for all
Young Footballers  enhancing skills  for Quality’, instead of tossing
the ball in the air,
 Responsible for the operational delivery of the football- soccer Club
Tournaments and academy programs. This includes over 75 full time
players and several season camp participants contributing to raise
revenues for the Club surviving this hard area. Serving as primary
business development executive for the football-soccer program
including team business, sponsorships and other partnerships, that we
can possibly obtain from a third party
We have produced a succession of Pro- players and also those that have
played in the International ranks. Yes,   but not financially,...and
due to the cost of maintaining the daily operations, had to leave
(temporary) till I find a Sponsor or/and Investor.
And get the Club -in less the five years-, PLAYING the South American
Clubs  CUP!!
I Have to come back to USA,  trying to find that SAVIOR!
The Club its in good hands, already in the top of the Tournament,
expecting to reach the next level, -ascend to second division-. My
young Coach is doing a superb job, with almost no input ($)  from
 Him too, hoping that another Club, with better  resources, sign a
lucrative contract!!
And like Diane Nyad NEVER GIVE UP!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

!! (not the players!!)

“I am angered and saddened by the way a coach its making  play his players, having 2 guys in the top ten, -World best list!!-. And the team can be out of the next World Cup Tournament, because this "gentleman" don't have GUTS, and make them play to don't lose!!! The guy does not have an idea how to play the game, (what I'm saying in all my posts,) just its exactly what he's doing "Ping-Pong" that its!! AND HE'S THE COACH!! of ONE of the most successful countries on THE WHOLE WORLD!!  
And  the funny thing, what I'm preaching for so long.... Another one, just for PURE LUCK, a few months ago, was in the fourth best teams World  Wide -FIFA list- . like I said, I have to shut my mouth, and hang my cleats once for all!! and/or KEEP trying to get an owner or President that its sick and tired of loosing games, with the only system of  just hope for a mistake/error of the other teams players to win a game!! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Photo: 1 de mayo

And no luck!!  So far, always a hope, that somebody wants to give a chance to my player,
Finally he went to try in a second b division Club.   But so impatient  to star playing and mix with his new team mates, that he bought his aeroplane ticket (not money return) too early,  and the tournament don't even have a definitive date to start!! That's my luck!! I flew urgent,, to don't live the kid along, and a land complete different to what Hi's accustom
Its already almost two month, since his arrival,  definitively he'll sign up, but we could try the other two divisions, but their are finishing the season, has to wait another few months, an its very expensive!!  

Thursday, March 14, 2013


It's getting my time to stop dreaming, and stop pestering  people, trying to impose my way HOW the game has to be played!! 
On the real life, for my idea of how to play the game l practice the idea, that have to be play almost completely different at  the way its played, like I said, not tossing the ball without destination, don't  fouls just for the heck, pass the ball to the foot, short passes,   if you are following me in my posts, you know  what I mean!!
I am always asked what sets me apart from most other coaches, and I would have to say that I do not consider myself to be a 'innovator' coach. My players and/or Clubs are my number one priority, and when I am looking to teach or/and coach, I try to look at the best way to win playing with poise, beauty, looking like real professionals, not just hoping for a little luck, WIN just because we were the superior team in the field!!
That is why it has been to hard to find a sponsor or Club interested in my style -to make a team play-, instead of solely  adhering to what the current 'standard' of treatment the ball its today!!
 Nobody had the guts to give me a chance to show all my skills, and I don't bent myself, just to say I'm the COACH, or/and the MANAGER. And go and make play again with that line of guys just staring the other team players, and backpedalling, till the goalkeeper have to touch them!!, and if the player with the ball kick it, and for any chances get the direction of the goal, the goalkeeper  may be impaled to see the Ball.
I tried everyway possible to reach somebody that wants to win!! to not avail!, and its getting that time to say...... enough its enough!!
I don't like to say   "good bye"  BUT,  I'm getting close!!  

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Football play right!!

Impossible!! No way!! still the same way (toss the ball in the air)- I keep saying, that it's not the way the game its suppose to be played!, but, to no avail!! 
And, WHO I am to talk!  better I hang up my cleats for good. But before ONE MORE TRY!!
We are taking a young player to gain experience in a country that proved to be one of the best leagues in the whole world to export Professional players.
I'll have not too much time, (money) but with patience and perseverance will do a good job, and the kid can come back to the USA a true Professional and realize can play without any Pro-league even EU. And get reimbursed all the monies expended. Just a little luck! And we have a couple of good FIFA Agents  to offer them around!
 With him, we can train a couple of young local players, I want to see if can re- introduce the word "tandem" in the football
vocabulary, that means two players playing together, doing combination in between each other, leaving the rivals players like posts!! ("buried in the ground!!"). I know it's hard, because they are used to push the ball in any way, back or forward, ( in my vocabulary its only ONE Way -forward- ) Another word, that its not much used "courtesy", We usually helped the rival to get up, offering the hand,... today, because the way are playing, it's not time for "courtesy",  and the press, just looking for any ugliness in the game will show in the National News, like what just happened, a player kicking a ball-boy. UNACCEPTABLE
Lately, because I can't stand the game, (I repeat- the way its played, -today-)  I'm watching the other sport that you have to have good athleticism,  skills, poise, dribbler, ... -basketball-
In this game, again, you have to have a system, a game plan, tactics, good players  that will treat the ball with love, play with passion,  give good show to the spectators that pay a ticket to see a  good spectacle.
And,  I saw a few players that I'm not seeing in a long time from my game (football), they can carry the whole team on their shoulders, make infinities of  plays risking their bodies for the sake of the game, and the WIN!,
I KNOW I can make a good Player, but take time, (that I have) money, (that I don't have), but my long years trying, it's taking a toll....