Saturday, February 1, 2014

The beautiful game??


Don't make me laugh!!
I don't want to be a pain...  but seeing the way players perform lately, it's why I'm sending my cry all over again, and maybe for the last time!!!.
I have a system, that is not expecting just have "lady luck"  on our side, ......  if you feel intrigued, how my system work, and how can help your organization,   lets talk!! 
Also I've seen how brutally players attack each other, most likely today's game is as a wrestling and runners combination to imitated the game was called the "beautiful game"
I said something a few years ago, in another post... "It's getting out of hand, somebody would be hurt" or, the players will have to use protective gear (like American Football),
Rather than just sitting around hoping all the problems with football (soccer) in the World will change itself.  I'm doing something about it.
Working with Top quality South American professional Football Players/Coaches as a group, with a couple Clubs (South American) in bad economical situations, ready to take an offer for Partnership/Sponsorship where you can be playing in a recognized league around the globe, and give some of your players good International exposure!, plus Pre-season games.

I would like to contact with Presidents, Coaches and Football Directors that  are sick of losing games, and want to give a try to my system!!
- Success obtaining strategic partnerships with leading national organizations, leagues, professional teams or/and sports manufacturers, its my hope!!
And remember, I don't have any licensing to show off, I have a "Doctorate in life experience!",
 I personally, don't, but, somebody in my group, does!

I always thought, that to be a coach, is like be a father/mother.. you don't go to school to learn.............. REALLY?? 


Milton Barboza Jr said...

I'm in!!

Lothario said...

Walter, great work on the blog, keep it up. I sent you an email, check it out.

Daniel Folla