Sunday, January 22, 2012


Obviously, I still looking for that savior hand!!. Next week start the practices, and I'm having the hopes of somebody will come to save my project!! pretty soon
It's easy, I just looking for somebody, that likes to see a game well played, with not tossing the ball, and run behind like chickens with no head!!, fouling as if can not mark like a man, without foul virile and elegance, showing class, then that time and money invested and a few years have it a great return,!! that simple!!! I can make this happen, just need a little luck,
Just in case anybody though was not updated,
Like I keep telling to Club's Owners and/or General Managers, even Coaches that needs an advise, I can change in couple of games the way your team it's playing.
I hope Nelson Rodriguez (MLS -VP) read this, because he told me years ago, when he was a director at the NY MetroStars, that I get a Losing team and do what I did with the (- www, -) WIN, I know he may be happy, because we talked several times and said that me and my partner at that particular time ( El Profe- Anibal Gutierrez Ponce) We WERE (past tense) Yes he was cruel, but he was right, we were Champions in the 80's and he needs at that time somebody actualize,
And last year I miss another opportunity with NY, this time somebody from the RedBulls called me, and got me in a distracted moment, and because I don't have any license to get on the field and he give me no time to explain that I have the right people to coach for me, (I just manage)
It would be immodest said that I went down in a Club (third Division) on a league that it's in a country between the 5 best -according with FIFA-, and just in one month make a team that already played 8 games and won only ONE GAME, and with my advise WON 3 out of 5, not, lets say,that was pure LUCK!!, but, in the records will be that results!!
This it's the first round, of a tournament of TWO; we still have chances to go to the next level, (division segunda A) just one step to be playing The Libertors Cup and/or The World Interclubs Cup, but, the financial problem it's in the way, if I don't get in the next couple month somebody interested in be a real WORLD CHAMPION, we can't afford to keep winning, because next division have the players to sign a contract under FIFA's regulations.
We have room to make one of the best Academies, -and players educated by us-, should be the preferences of Colleges and Clubs around the world, we offer REAL COMPETITION, like I said, fourth in the WORLD (FIFA) MY SYSTEM STILL WORKING!!!


Marwan said...


i am interested in your advertising ,my name is marwan and i am 25 y/o male ,, i used to play soccer since 1998 if interested please send me if its still available . thank you

caio said...

hows that work ?? Im 22 y/o Im in USA studying English second language and i didnt have a opportunity to play here yet , i wanna play , i got what it takes , im form brazil. this is my facebook page , if u want just send me a message.

Anonymous said...

I want to play , im 22year old and i from brazil....hows it works, if u want a player send me a email