Saturday, April 28, 2012


The way keep playing all around the globe, and sadly, (very), to see that even in my own country are playing that way, and seeing great Clubs, like River Plate (Arg.) are relegated to second division, and worse, THEY ARE NOT DOING VERY WELL, again, that football(soccer) modern, IT'S NOT WORKING!!. Nobody have the guts to change it??
I keep trying, by -writing-,- hoping to find a Club's owner or President, with the desire to win-
I just came back from a try in south America, same thing -the situation- Money, health, (poor -both-), the opportunity it's (or should be) great, a half of a tournament, just 3 more month, and if my system works (I know it does) it'll be 2 or 3 years away from playing in the BIG TOURNAMENTS!!,
I just keep trying, because this is the cheaper way to be in it!!
If you have the big money, you can try with clubs that already are in first division, just buy a few players worth millions of dollars, and you are in business.
To the ones just started reading my post, when I said modern "football-soccer" , I don't try to say that they should be playing the old school or style, NOOOOO! what I try to say is; Use your head, not your ......., and I can repeat what I saying for years, (if you read my old posts, you'll know), the line of 4 or 3 defenders, IT'S NOT WORKING, toss the ball in the air, and hope one of your guys get it, ABSURD!!, only if it's your lucky day, and I didn't see many lucky guys, like the one in the last WORLD CUP, his team was dominated for all the other teams, but, got the "God's hand", and if you don't believe, check the videotape, -"last play of the game, his forward inside the goal, right with the goalkeeper, that show that are inferior or scared of the other team, the ball it's stopped by that forward with his hands, YES penalty kick, red card to the forward, and the player that kicked the penalty, MISSED!!! UNBELIEVABLE, they WON by penalty kicks, at the end of the tournament, FOURTH POSITION!!!"
Just pure luck!!!, but, who can say otherwise?, again, if you are out of luck, and want to win GAMES, come to me and my group, we are people that don't rely just on our luck, we are just regular people, with a GAME PLAN, a STYLE, a winning style, and just waiting for that opportunity, like Jeremy Lin, (if you don't know him, check the NBA.COM and you'll see)

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