Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Another Olympics games (FOOTBALL) gone!!, I'll not say "I told you!!", but, if you like the game the way I do, -have to say- "YOU are right!!!", but nobody says nothing, -the history of my life-, only to reprimand me, if I'm wrong, oh yes right away I'll hear somebody, say something!!
According to my last post ("SAD"), the lucky coach, had the best chances to win the GOLD!!!, but this time his- charm lucky "rabbit foot"- didn't work at all!!, and the lack of guts was a tremendous shock. defending with eight players inside his own box, DIDN'T LEARN? ( ) all his long life, or at least use his brains (have any?) if you give away, the ball, the terrain. the will to win; soon or later, the other team will score!!!, not always the penalties kicks will save YOU!!! Plus nobody that played the game knows, " that you can't run from your own box, till the contrary box without loosing the strength in your legs, and, THE OXYGEN IN YOURS BRAINS!!!!, not oxygen YOU CAN'T THINK strait, and that it's when you miss a goal, right in the mouth of the goal!!!
And the worse, this particular country was undefeated in Olympics games!! If it's another life, I bet you the soul of the old Olympics players, may be very sad!!
OK, SHUT UP!!, I'm been trying to get somebody that likes my "way" and wants his/her Club WIN!!!, Not luck!! and the years on me, make me weaker! I don't want to teach a kid/girl the "way" to play, -later comes this coach- and toss the ball!!! (divided ball -50/50 %-) brings injuries, looks unprofessional, I DON'T LIKE IT!!!, Pretty soon, players, will use helmets and accessories like in American Football!!
Plus, I received a e-mail from one of the people I trIed to contact, seeking somebody that it's doing terrible in his/her tournament, and I KNOW i can make a winner!! I did it, and I will, especially now then I have the TIME!!!!. Also I'm not a speechwriter/analyst, or whatever, I know, but when I get "older" I can say... I DID TRY IT!!!!!
I'll try to show that e-mail, and you tell me!!!
--- ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Leetch, Kathryn <KLeetch.12@westminste
Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 11:29 AM
Subject: Please read.
To: Walter Rasso <>

I'd have to say that, yes, I am very offended by you contacting me. For one thing, your writing skills are not that good, so I wouldn't trust what you have to say about MY team. I don't appreciate you coming at me like you know who MY team is, where we come from, what we do on a day-to-day basis, and what traditions WE uphold. I have no idea how you got my email address, but I would HIGHLY appreciate you removing me from whatever list you aquired it from. Again, I am VERY offended that you have contacted me in such a bold way, and expected me to respond cheerfully and actually want your "services" or what you call "expertise". We can be successful WITHOUT your help.

For future reference, I would re-format your approach to teams, as I assume I cannot be the only one to respond so upset. Maybe introduce yourself first, and avoid CAPSLOCK on words that may be offensive.
Maybe invest in a translator, too.
---------------------------"Funny!! She got two misspellings!!!-" ---------------------------------

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