Saturday, January 26, 2013

Football play right!!

Impossible!! No way!! still the same way (toss the ball in the air)- I keep saying, that it's not the way the game its suppose to be played!, but, to no avail!! 
And, WHO I am to talk!  better I hang up my cleats for good. But before ONE MORE TRY!!
We are taking a young player to gain experience in a country that proved to be one of the best leagues in the whole world to export Professional players.
I'll have not too much time, (money) but with patience and perseverance will do a good job, and the kid can come back to the USA a true Professional and realize can play without any Pro-league even EU. And get reimbursed all the monies expended. Just a little luck! And we have a couple of good FIFA Agents  to offer them around!
 With him, we can train a couple of young local players, I want to see if can re- introduce the word "tandem" in the football
vocabulary, that means two players playing together, doing combination in between each other, leaving the rivals players like posts!! ("buried in the ground!!"). I know it's hard, because they are used to push the ball in any way, back or forward, ( in my vocabulary its only ONE Way -forward- ) Another word, that its not much used "courtesy", We usually helped the rival to get up, offering the hand,... today, because the way are playing, it's not time for "courtesy",  and the press, just looking for any ugliness in the game will show in the National News, like what just happened, a player kicking a ball-boy. UNACCEPTABLE
Lately, because I can't stand the game, (I repeat- the way its played, -today-)  I'm watching the other sport that you have to have good athleticism,  skills, poise, dribbler, ... -basketball-
In this game, again, you have to have a system, a game plan, tactics, good players  that will treat the ball with love, play with passion,  give good show to the spectators that pay a ticket to see a  good spectacle.
And,  I saw a few players that I'm not seeing in a long time from my game (football), they can carry the whole team on their shoulders, make infinities of  plays risking their bodies for the sake of the game, and the WIN!,
I KNOW I can make a good Player, but take time, (that I have) money, (that I don't have), but my long years trying, it's taking a toll....

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