Thursday, March 14, 2013


It's getting my time to stop dreaming, and stop pestering  people, trying to impose my way HOW the game has to be played!! 
On the real life, for my idea of how to play the game l practice the idea, that have to be play almost completely different at  the way its played, like I said, not tossing the ball without destination, don't  fouls just for the heck, pass the ball to the foot, short passes,   if you are following me in my posts, you know  what I mean!!
I am always asked what sets me apart from most other coaches, and I would have to say that I do not consider myself to be a 'innovator' coach. My players and/or Clubs are my number one priority, and when I am looking to teach or/and coach, I try to look at the best way to win playing with poise, beauty, looking like real professionals, not just hoping for a little luck, WIN just because we were the superior team in the field!!
That is why it has been to hard to find a sponsor or Club interested in my style -to make a team play-, instead of solely  adhering to what the current 'standard' of treatment the ball its today!!
 Nobody had the guts to give me a chance to show all my skills, and I don't bent myself, just to say I'm the COACH, or/and the MANAGER. And go and make play again with that line of guys just staring the other team players, and backpedalling, till the goalkeeper have to touch them!!, and if the player with the ball kick it, and for any chances get the direction of the goal, the goalkeeper  may be impaled to see the Ball.
I tried everyway possible to reach somebody that wants to win!! to not avail!, and its getting that time to say...... enough its enough!!
I don't like to say   "good bye"  BUT,  I'm getting close!!  

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