Saturday, November 12, 2011

Modern?? Result???

If I keep repeating the same thing over and over, it's no my fault! - I think??!!-Look the comments after a game. played for a really Professional country selection team, against a Country really "AMATEUR" team!!
("Fortunately for the Canucks, they do have seven months to get things sorted and, as Hart noted, there hasn’t been a shortage of chances, someone just needs to step up.“All you can do is create the chances. It’s not like we didn’t create the chances,” Hart said. “We had some very good chances and we didn’t score, so it’s always going to be our problem. It’s not like there’s a striker out there that’s playing that we don’t have.”)
The "CHANCES" they are talking about, were a million "crosses" they sent to the box -I keep calling (just long balls)-, HOPING somebody head would direct the ball to the net, don't care what jersey the header wear it!! JUST PURE LUCK!! No luck, no goals, either team!!!! Blame at the "STRIKER", NOOO!!! blame a the game PLAN!! (GAME PLAN???) what it's THAT??? Came back to the same!!!TODAY WIN THE ONE IT'S LUCKY!! Or went to the witch Doctor!!

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