Friday, June 17, 2011

An old good MEMORIES

My old BUDDY wrote this about me!!
Like I SAID, just good ald MEMORIES
What Americans call soccer, the rest of the world calls football. What we call football, my good friend Walter Rasso will quickly point out, involves an oblong object that hardly resembles a ball, and is more dependent on hands than it is feet. Walter eats, sleeps and breathes futbol. He spends a lot of his time emailing professional soccer coaches and GMs, pointing out to them mistakes their teams are making and suggesting changes that he feels will be beneficial. For the most part, they do not listen. That's their loss. Walter has a wealth of experience and he's willing to share. He endorces a style that's dependent on short, quick passes and abhors the long easy-to-defend ping-pong-like exchanges so prevalent today. If you are interested in turning your team around, Walter is available for coaching and consulting. Just leave a comment or email him directly and he'll get back to you.

(I write this introduction to my friend Walter Rasso's blog as a friend of more than 30 years. ~ Ace Toscano)

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