Tuesday, June 11, 2013

!! (not the players!!)

“I am angered and saddened by the way a coach its making  play his players, having 2 guys in the top ten, -World best list!!-. And the team can be out of the next World Cup Tournament, because this "gentleman" don't have GUTS, and make them play to don't lose!!! The guy does not have an idea how to play the game, (what I'm saying in all my posts,) just its exactly what he's doing "Ping-Pong" that its!! AND HE'S THE COACH!! of ONE of the most successful countries on THE WHOLE WORLD!!  
And  the funny thing, what I'm preaching for so long.... Another one, just for PURE LUCK, a few months ago, was in the fourth best teams World  Wide -FIFA list- . like I said, I have to shut my mouth, and hang my cleats once for all!! and/or KEEP trying to get an owner or President that its sick and tired of loosing games, with the only system of  just hope for a mistake/error of the other teams players to win a game!! 

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