Thursday, December 9, 2010


Now, back again in USA, back at home, after a helpful run with the Club in South America.
Helpful because I can see with my own eyes what is going on around the globe, and I can taste it myself, nobody have to tell me what is wrong or right!!

Yes, now I can swear, that it's not easy what I try to accomplish, it's very hard try to take out the way are playing in the last 10 - 15 years, tossing the ball in the air, claiming fault, when nobody even touch them and crying loud a nonexistent pain, yelling at the referee, give him/her a yellow card!!!, celebrating a lousy goal, like if was at the end of a World Cup Final game!

Talking with a coach friend, we see the same problems, but, in our division we got a good excuse, the guys have to work, or, some are students, they don't have time for practices, not even think to start talking about strategies or plans, NO TIME AT ALL!!. plus that non existence of playgrounds (See my past post -Campito...-), the kids today have not the individuals skills needed to be a different player!!, they learn in schools - Academies, that are teaching the kids, and throwing the ball with the hands, is very easy to the guys to kick the ball, not thinking, that in the game, NOBODY WILL THROW THE BALL NICE AND EASY, WITH THE HAND!!

The main reason is the poor financial resources of the Club where the money is almost not existent, But what we can't figure out, is with the Clubs with good money situation, WHY... Why they still playing this anti-football (Soccer) style, with the only strategy, throw the ball in the box, and pray and/or hope for good luck!!

Since 1984, with a group of experienced people, we are trying to enhance the way of playing the "beautiful" game. Now going Global, with a partnership with Clubs in South America and Europe!
born the first Academy -"Boot Camp" Style-, (as usually is done for Gymnastics) for youngsters with wishes to better themselves the way are playing right now!. This way, we hope to raise money, to keep playing the tournament, keeping many kids out of the way of drugs and bad habits!!

We are in a country that is well known for having a high % in Pro-players around the World, in the best leagues, have at least one player in between the five best.

What we started in 1984, today are several people doing it, Are playing players from Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, and, a select team from Indonesia competing in U-19 Tournament, to gain experience for next World Cup!!

We'll provide; Pro-Coaches with high skills in formative, Trainers, Hotel, transportation, Care, everything related, and, the best, COMPETITION!! in a league PROVEN Worldwide!! Fourth in FIFA's last tournament!!

Until we don't find a sponsor, the player will have to pay for the training, as is occurring right now, the players have to pitch in a lot, but, if a Club is interested, these Club will have to pay back for the formation of the player!, and you'll get your money back!!

I could do this in USA, but, the COMPETITION, it's not the same!!! and much, much expensive!!

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