Sunday, September 19, 2010

One step FORWARD!

YES, again in the saddle, September 25th I'll be in South America, trying a second club, for the third year, always improving.

The first Club (that I was in) is in Second Div. A They won this year Championship, I did not do much at all, but the new Sponsorship, did a tremendous job, and they are only one year away to intervene in one of the best World Tournaments -The liberators Cup-

Like I'm keep telling to the ones that are paying attention to me, IF YOU INVEST, or PARTNERSHIP, you would not be SORRY!!

The main reason of the success in this projects, is, I insist, the ball have to be played the right WAY, the ONLY WAY, well played, ALL TIME, not exceptions!! And clear tactics, system! No just hoping for the Lady Luck, come and help you!!

My work is being help tremendously for a couple of young gentleman, that are doing a tremendous job, putting the Club together, and coaching to the debut game, with a impressive VICTORY, yes the real first game in the Uruguayan Association of Football!! Fourth position in the WORLD CUP!!
For that reason, you'll see me pretty soon back in the USA, pestering all the Professionals Clubs, trying to attract Sponsors, or, some kind of Partnership into that particular Club, because without HELP, we can't go to the next level!!

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Marcelo said...

Vamo arriba Walter, dale para adelante!