Saturday, November 7, 2015


Sadly,  most of what I said is being realized, players being hurt really bad, even dead,  today I heard, a commentator of a game.  fall asleep during the game! Really?  It can not get worse!
It's been more then an year since I wrote my last post, and don't feel doing another one,  I'll just try to express my sadness, without hurting nobody....
I think got the moment to get in my RV and hit the road,  nobody wants to become the first person/club to try to better the game! Nobody's have the guts to do the change!
For conversations I had with a young coach in the past, I'll stop by his area, and try to explain, maybe he'll listen and learn something, and WHO knows,  in a few years somebody will make the players PLAY with a little more sense,  and don't hit the ball the harder possible in the air and hope for the best!
And win games because they played well and not because a good luck kick that just went in for purely luck!
And if they are happy, with the advice, and want to keep writing this post, I'll be happy, just enjoying their appreciation to me!
If not,  . Have been nice all this years "posting "  for you people, that want to believe in me and my points of viewing the game,  a little different than most people, because I played a complete different  style, that let us think and see things in a way that nobody would influence our minds,  (self thinking?) I would say!
And today, I tried to do a combination ,  with the modern players, -more obedient, -they listen to the coaches,  (and seriously, what they can teach?) they train harder, but, they not have all the hours playing the game like we used to play! That was the difference!  Play, Play and Play!
The combination should be impressive,  I'll bet you, if they learn how to play in "team",  passing the ball instead the kick it away,
"penetrate "  instead of throwing the ball to the box, and hope for a little luck to convert!
I'll not bore you people no more!

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Milton Barboza Jr said...

Smartest soccer mind I know. Keep posting Flaco.