Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The last warrior, seeking to better the game!!

Getting tired of trying to reach a club or person that agreed to better the game, and, just coming back from South America where was not a bad experience, but not great either. At least I brought good luck to the club, got a new sponsor for the next and final round (Clausura) where we are just 90 minutes away to ascend to the next level, even losing all the games, for being the Champions of the first round (Apertura), have to play one more game, a final between the Apertura Champion and the Clausura Champion, the winner will ascend to Second Division B, just 2 years away to play the Liberators Cup, the South American main event!! and the winner, go to play the real World Cup, against the European Champion! Plus the South American Inter Clubs Championship, and WORLD INTER CLUBS CHAMPIONSHIP!

The positive side of all of this, is what some of the players told me "At least, we do not ABUSE the long balls", because if you fallow my posts, you'll know that is not what I preach, and the coaches forget as soon as I'm leaving the field, and that fear to do not lose, (erroneous), back to DEFEND, and forget how to attack!!. They say YES, YES! two minutes later,forgotten! (FEAR!!)
And yes, I'll be busy again, because this is a league, and a territory with many good players easy to be in the main tournaments, many investors are joining clubs, hoping to be in the winning side, and show its own players in a strong league with a good market to get them to Europe and all the strong countries that are looking for good players, this is a league, that has more professionals players playing around the globe, than any other league, -talking in average for the inhabitants in the country-, I was asked to join the I. A. Potencia, ( http://www.iapotencia.com/ ) a club of only 9 years of life, but with a group of young people willing to give all the effort possible for the good of the club and the community and the young talents that the only future may be to play the game!!....They are too, -crossing their fingers-, see if I'll bring luck (knowledge), and find the right person and/or club with better resources and a will, better then mine!

I can't say what accomplish, if was any, I'm not one to toot my own horn, just wait to see if somebody says anything, knowing that my players and directors of the club, speak another language, but today with the "Google translate" could say something, still hoping to generate some comments in this blog.

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