Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The beautiful game

I'm getting sic talking about the way are playing the game, an probability you too, believe me it's not BEAUTIFUL.

Lets concentrate in doing it, the right way... But I already said IT!!

Who am I, to tell HOW the game have to be played?....If I tell you, that I was nobody, that was the worse player in my neighborhood, but, I had GUTS!, never back up for nobody, or anything, That help me in life tremendously. Today, everything I own, is thank to my integrity, courage, honesty, or, whatever you want to call it. But no FEAR, or if onetime I felt the FEAR, I kick it to the side, and, KEEP GOING straight up!, Can be one of the reasons I do not hold any licenses (driver, YES!), I always said, WHO will teach me how to play the game?
If I learned it, with the best ones that played the BEAUTIFUL game!! I'll tell you just one (for now), My good friend Hector (Sapito--Little toad) Martinez, we played a few times together,but, when he was playing for Penarol on the Liberator's Cup, has to play against Brazil,- Santos' PELE, before the game began, "Sapito" told PELE, "Hey Pele, I'll pass the ball in between yours legs" Pele smiled, for the positions they played, just meet once in the whole game, in that particular play, Sapito got the ball, faced Pele, and with a fancy feet move, tried to pass the ball in between Pele's legs, instinctively Pele closed his feet, and the ball did not go through. I imagine Pele smiling, I never could confirm this history, never have the chance to ask Pele. But knowing Sapito, it cold happen!! he was FANTASTIC!! Players like him were all over, he played with a Pele's team mate MOASIR, they usually, in the practices, kicking the ball, will bet, where the ball hit! (for a glass of wine!), I would like, that somebody check in his records and fine out how many goals he MADE from corners kicks!!!, free kicks! you named!!, but IN THAT YEARS, they were so many good players, and, not transfers to other countries, like today!! I don't want to say they were better than today's players, not, was not chances to play, not openings. Look at Pele's record, he just played for Santos, -yes, I know the NY Cosmos, but, that is another history!!-

Like I said, FEAR, it was not in our dictionary, I don't want to say, today's it!, but, just look a couple examples. No, better I shut my mouth!!, but in the game, that line of four (4) THAT IS FEAR!!. Only two (2) attackers, THAT'S FEAR!!!. The team is defending a corner kick, get 8 players inside the box, and the start to hold by the jerseys, the arms, even they get in touch with body parts!!! THIS IS FEAR!! Plus is RIDICULOUS!!! Is ONLY ONE (1) BALL!!! And sometimes it goes out of bound!!!

I can go no and on, for days, but, nobody listen, again FEAR of change something, that is not working, BUT, what if?, better give the ball back to the goalie!,

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