Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Thoughts

Do you need more proof that what I have said is true?

First, obviously, I was dead on when it comes to Beckham. (See Walters Wednesday, May 28, 2008 Post Off The Top Of My Head). It’s the Pele fiasco all over again.

The coaches’ revolving door is still revolving, sometimes with the same club. And, the style of play still makes every game a crapshoot. Anyone could wind up champion.

Beside being unproductive, the accepted style of play which I detest is potentially dangerous. Consider the danger posed when two players running wildly toward the ball, like cars flying downhill without brakes, jump simultaneously trying to head the ball. Head injuries generated by this type of collision are common and, one day, could lead to a fatality. Do they really think this is the kind of action fans pay to see?

Moving on, because I could not find a GM with guts enough to hire somebody like me, somebody who will change their current system of play which requires tossing the ball high into the air, I have put my money where my mouth is by investing in a club in Uruguay that has fallen into economic hard times. Do you doubt my level of commitment?

Anyway, my team starts to play next weekend. I must see how the coach performs. We have talked and it seems like we are on the same page. But, if he does not understand my message, I will not hesitate, like any good GM, to step in and start coaching myself. Then, I will prove I’m more than an opinionated old timer.

Just to refresh your mind, I will stress to players “good” treatment of the ball - like it was their first girlfriend. My style requires that players move the ball up the field in steps, not with NFL-style kicks. They should not leave the proximity of their own boxes and wind up with four backs in a line having coffee with the goalie. There must be a buffer zone! It’s no wonder that when a player from the other team volleys the ball, the goalie can’t see it. THAT LINE OF FOUR FULL BACKS is the ANTI-FOOTBALL.

You can keep tabs on my team here.

I’ll be traveling to Uruguay in late October.

Be aware that it is possible for a small club to race to stardom. This club, Huracan, is in Second Div. B, has claim to First Div. B, and, later to First Div. A.

Of course, money is a pressing issue. This year expenses will be covered by me. Next year, who knows? We already have one sponsor, but we need many more. Hopefully, my efforts to raise more money will pay off before my pockets run dry. My life has become a true reality show.

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