Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Walter's Open Letter to Coaches and GMs

My main knowledge is from the sport I played and coached in my old country (Uruguay). The best way I know to express myself is in the court (Field).

Let me tell you what’s on my mind:

I would like to see teams go back to playing the game as I know it, old school futbol (soccer), and I feel very confident I can make that happen. Mostly, I’ve been contacting teams whose coaches and GMs are in danger of losing their jobs because of poor performance. Maybe, I figure, one day someone will talk with me before they get the axe and give me the opportunity to turn their team around and save somebody’s job. And I’m so confident I could do that that I would not even talk about money until we got to the playoffs. It’s not easy; it will take some work. But I like what I see in today’s players - they play hard, maintain fantastic conditioning, follow any coaching, and, most importantly, pass the ball quickly. They will soon be playing a more effective brand of futbol with my help.

Here’s some of my strategy:

  • Be gentle to the ball – don’t make long passes that have only a 50% chance of succeeding because the defenders are facing the ball and waiting.
  • ESCALATE the field, that way the BALL can proceed to the other goal nicely, with passes of 10 to 15 feet away and CREATE a chance for a goal, not just hope for a lucky mistake.
  • You'll see a TANDEM, two players who together can provide or create a chance of goal and any give game.
  • You'll see a NEXUS, a player who will connect the defenders with the forwards, without that long pass,
  • A "DELIVERER" a player who obstructs the guy who is with the ball - without fouling! -- And one of his teammates steals the ball!!!

Even if you coaches like my ideas and try them next game without consulting me, that's FINE with me because at least I'll see a good game for a change. People around the world pay a lot of money to watch futbol and those in America are particularly desperate to see a good game. They went to see PELE and got robbed - he wasn't the same player he used to be. Now, today, they bring another STAR. But without a good strategy the game will still be like ping pong. And, who will win? The team that is LUCKY that day.

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